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Cloud Accounting Benefits And Apps To Use For Your Business 2021

by Meghashree Das

Benefits of Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting, which is often also known as “hosted accounting” or “online accounting”, provides small and medium-sized businesses with many benefits.

For example, cloud accounting offers a way for business owners to save on time and resources. Instead of needing to spend hours folding up paper receipts and sorting through hard-copy files, these tasks are now automated and can be completed in just minutes thanks to cloud-based technology. 

And because expenses are automatically processed each month following bank feed information. Businesses don’t need to worry about adding up their total at the end of every day or week. They’ll have a more accurate reading of their finances at any given moment without having to achieve it all on their own.

What is the work of a cloud accounting software?

Cloud accounting is a good option for small businesses, as well, since they don’t necessarily have as many resources to devote to accounting tasks. When accounting tasks are outsourced to a third party, these jobs can be completed by anyone on very little notice and at less cost than if the work were done in-house.

Another benefit of cloud accounting software is that it can cut down on the risk that comes with dealing with cash. Since everything is processed in real-time through the bank feed, there’s much less concern about theft or loss of funds.

Cloud-based accounting management or software makes it easy for small business owners to track their personal finances since all financial information is stored in one central location rather than having to be kept in multiple places. And it’s easier to reconcile books because the latest data is always available at a moment’s notice.

Not to mention that using cloud-based accounting increases the overall transparency within a business. It’s easy to look at the accounting records and see every detail that’s been recorded, so there’s no chance of anyone trying to hide expenses or deceive the public.

With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder that more and more small businesses are jumping on board with cloud accounting! Cloud accounting is the pioneer to save effort and time into individual accounting.

Understanding with the help of examples:

The cloud is the solution to many accounting problems. For small businesses, it provides the ability for a small business owner to outsource their accounting and not have to worry about data accuracy and fast access to data. Additionally, there are some other benefits associated with Cloud Accounting like several ways of calculating net profit, less cost for transactions, sounds good, don’t you think?

Cloud accounting can be implemented in many ways. One very popular option is to add functionality to a mobile app. For example, you could log into your accounts from your web browser, or from your mobile device using a 4 digit pin number. You could also configure the account system so that it automatically syncs with your online banking provider as soon as the transaction is made, even if you do not have access to the internet.

When implementing such a feature, the following must be done:

This type of implementation requires extra effort on the part of the client since they would have to set up an account at their bank and then move all their data over. It would not be feasible to manually update the data or the integration. Especially if they are using a different bank than their accounting provider.

This type of system allows for nearly instant access to accounts. No matter what your location or time, you can log into your accounts at any given time and view your balances and transactions. You can also download reports at any given time. This method has several advantages over manual banking. It is much faster in processing transactions as you do not have to wait for the banker each time you want to make a withdrawal or transfer money out of an account. Additionally, this type of system is much safer. The information is not stored on your computer/mobile device or any physical medium, which makes it nearly impossible to be tampered with.

Once and for all, a cloud accounting software is not only the best solution for your business but on a real time basis, helps to work on the business objective.

How To Secure Your Sensitive Data In The Cloud?

Cloud-based storage services work as a wonder for everyone. Because of them, you don’t have to bring your portable storage everywhere you go. From Google Drive to even Dropbox, cloud solutions help store your data online and provide you with the complete ease to access them anywhere with an active internet connection. 

However, with every convenience that is made to serve mankind, some challenges come through it. Uploading your data onto the cloud provider makes your data accessible and raises a couple of security concerns. You can never be sure that can be done and viewing them to access this sensible information. That being said, you must protect your data from unauthorised access. Here are some of the practical ways shown to help you keep your data-sensitive into the cloud. 

Statistics showing cyberattack victims and their woes

This statistic will help you find out the cyberattack victims and the number of times that sensible data has been breached from the system itself. Around 88% of the organisations who are dealing with data on their cloud have been subjected to phishing. On the other hand, there have been around 36 billion records of data breaches in the first half. 45% of the data breaches which were conducted in the year 2020, around 17% of them were induced with the help of malware. And around the other percent happened with phishing scams.       

Top myths regarding cloud storage  

1. Cloud migration will require too much work

It is easier for people to say and what they might think of when they are starting up on the cloud to store their data. Most people state that the effort and time is not worth it, especially when there is a gigabyte of data which needs to be uploaded. It is true that for the early adopters, cloud storage can be still unproven as they have to figure out the business all on their own. However, since the first drop, the technology has improved a lot. The cloud solution providers are always having a hands on assistance with every step of their way to provide knowledge and information to users. Starting from migration options, firewall configurations, identity options and reverse proxy requirements, there are a lot of things that a basic cloud user can take advantage of. 

2. Only large companies require cloud computing

Another myth that might happen to people is that only large companies require cloud computing. Many small to medium sized companies are signing up with major cloud providers nowadays because they are quite simple. It makes perfect sense for them in financial terms. Significant computer systems are required to compete in modern business in today’s digital world. The cloud therefore helps them to enable even the smallest of enterprise to function properly and to benefit from their power right through the applications. 

3. Moving to the cloud is all-or-nothing

Even those, as the early supporters of cloud, have proclaimed it as the Holy Grail of Information Technology, it was always advocating migrating the entire business as it fell in one swoop. The cost alone was intimidating for a lot of users to handle despite knowing the long and the short term benefits. It is common for all users to adopt a hybrid approach to implement cloud technology, with many starting to migrate a single area or just an application. 

4. Security on the cloud is worse than on-premises

It goes without saying that cloud security is really important and crosses every IT department’s mind. But there is a common misconception that goes on is that even after this level of security, businesses might migrate their data to other organisations so that there are risks associated with it. First off , security measures such as firewalls and encryption of data are really important and taken care of with the help of the package that they offer. Secondly, much of the maintenance, with only essential hardware that supports the data being provided to cloud server centres themselves. 

These are the basic ways through which you can work through and keep your sensitive data protected on your cloud. As the internet world is progressing, every other company wants to take their step towards the first intent of digitalisation. It is important to keep your data protected and safe from prying hands so that you can use it well again.

Top 10 cloud storage apps to use in 2021

Searching for the best distributed storage supplier around this moment? All things considered, we have you covered with the most broad, altogether explored and complete purchasers control with as little language as could really be expected.

In particular, no one has tried and inspected a greater amount of the best distributed storage administrations online than us in 2021. We have explored almost 50 administrations, from individual distributed storage to big business grade distributed storage, that store documents in the cloud – thus substantially more – in a bid to give you our curated list, positioning on viewpoints like limit, value, record size, security and usability.

What is a distributed storage administration?

To comprehend what distributed storage implies, you need to get a handle on what the cloud is. In one line, that is an asset (ordinarily registering force or capacity) that you can get to distantly online either free of charge or for an expense.

Consider it the self-stockpiling administrations – appreciated by home movers and leaseholders – however as opposed to topping them off with boxes, you fill distributed storage accounts with your own documents.

There are many administrations that fall under that umbrella term (distributed storage) and numerous clients reciprocally call them cloud reinforcement, online capacity, online drives, online reinforcement, record facilitating, document stockpiling, etc.

At its easiest, it is a protected virtual space that you will ordinarily get to through your program or a work area application (or portable application). The genuine area of your records is generally in a server farm some place, in a worker, on a hard drive or strong state drive.

1) Icedrive

Icedrive is a cutting edge cloud administration that assists you with getting to, oversee, and refresh your distributed storage easily. It gives a space to share, feature, and team up with your documents.


Just distributed storage answer for help Twofish Encryption. Everything is encoded at the customer side with zero information on your information

It permits you to store records up to 10 GB for nothing.

No tedious Sync Needed as you can Mount IceDrive with a basic snap.

Icedrive gives spotless and simple to utilize interface to deal with your records.

Stream Media from the distributed storage and effectively share with companions

2) pCloud

pCloud is secure and easy to utilize distributed storage for your records. This instrument permits you to share and work together records with your representative, companions, and family members.


It assists you with keeping your hidden documents secret with the most elevated level of encryption.

Permits to reinforcement your significant recollections to pCloud simply by clicking a tick of a catch.

It assists you with separating your records as per their document design.

It stores renditions on your records for a particular period, which assists you with looking through file documents.

3) Sync

Sync.com is a cloud administration for sharing documents from any PC or cell phone. Sync gives an ideal answer for putting away and sharing classified and touchy information.


Sync permits you to send documents of any size to anybody, regardless of whether they don’t have an enrolled.

Execution turns out to be more slow in the event that you transfer records bigger than 40 GB.

Synchronize can uphold Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

It gives limitless information move for every one of the plans.

4) Mega

Mega is an online stockpiling and document facilitating administration given by Mega Limited. Mega is accessible for Windows, Mac, and Linux stage.


It offers 50 GB free extra room.

It utilizes keys to encode documents and visits.

Mega permits you to synchronize records and organizers.

Transfer or download 1 GB information at regular intervals

5) WorkDrive

WorkDrive is a distributed storage framework that empowers you to oversee documents easily. It empowers you to make, work together, and put forth collaboration with insignificant attempt. This stage utilizes SOC 2 (Service Organization Control) Type II.


Permits you to conceptualize with group continuously.

Can be gotten to from your tablet and cell phone.

Offers adjustable reports.

You can store and oversee records effortlessly.

6) OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is a web based capacity and synchronization specialist organization. It is accessible for nothing to every one individuals having Microsoft account. OneDrive applications can be utilized to synchronize documents on a Windows PC or Mac working framework.


Utilize your telephone to output and business cards, receipts, whiteboard notes, or store paper archives in OneDrive.

You can set a lapse date of shared records, photographs, and connections for security reason.

Permits transferring documents up to 15 GB in size.

7) Google Drive

Google Drive is a free online information stockpiling administration given by Google. The help matches up put away records, photographs, and more across every one of the client’s PCs, tablets, and cell phones. It offers 15 GB of free space.


You can assemble Docs, Sheets, Slides.

It gives constant synchronization.

You can make frames that assist you with running an overview.

The apparatus can be utilized for macOS.

Incorporates with a large number of outside applications like a psyche map, Gantt graph, chart apparatuses, and so forth

It permits to store records up to 1.02 million characters, bookkeeping pages up to 5 million cells, show up to 100 MB, and Google Sites up to 2000,000 characters for every page.

8) Dropbox

Dropbox is a document facilitating administration giving individual cloud, record synchronization, distributed storage, and customer programming. It is intended to team up your ventures whether you are working alone or in a group.


It offers you to securely match up information across all gadgets.

Your document size ought to be 50 GB or more modest

Administration is accessible for macOS, Linux, and Windows working frameworks.

9) IDrive

IDrive offers support for information reinforcement. This help is accessible to Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and Mac clients.


IDrive gives 5 GB free

Clients can coordinate and screen reinforcements of their PC from the web interface.

Clients can transfer or download documents up to 2 GB in size.

It gives the best answer for ensure all PCs, Macs, iPhones, and Android gadgets into one record.

10) Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive or Amazon Cloud Drive is a distributed storage use of Amazon. The assistance gives secure distributed storage, record sharing, photograph printing, and document reinforcement.


It assists you with getting sorted out and alter photographs on the web.

Amazon Drive naturally backs up the photographs and recordings on your telephone.

Permits you to Sync documents and organizers.

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