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What are forex cards? Know the best options available in India

by Shatakshi Gupta

Travelling abroad is very overwhelming. We feel excited as well as worried. In such a situation, it is always better to leave your country after full preparation.

 If you too are planning for an abroad trip, then you must have planned your budget. Foreign exchange of currency is something that is inevitable to do. However, taking more currency cash with yourself at such times may not be a good option. Another option is a prepaid travel card or traveler’s cheque, but what if you need extra money than that. A forex card can solve all these problems.

A Forex card is a card in which you can keep money and after going abroad, you can use your money in the currency of that country. You can use it online and can also use at ATM. The currency of the countries you are going to visit is transferred by the bank into your forex card.

Types of forex cards:

  • Single currency forex card: In this forex card single currency can be preloaded. The card can be reloaded as and when required. If you are visiting only to a song nation, this card is all you need.
  • Multi-currency forex card: A multi-currency card can be preloaded with many currencies, depending on the basket offered by the card.

Why you should take one?

  • Through a forex card, you will always have the currency of more than one country with you.
  • It is a safer mode of carrying money while travelling abroad.
  • You can use forex cards directly at the shop and can also withdraw cash in foreign currency.
  • If you run out of money on a forex card, you can easily load money into it online from your bank account.
  • Also, you get a better currency exchange rate with a forex card.
  • Forex cards are accepted all over the world, no matter which country you go to and use them at any ATM.
  • Above all, you can track your spending on a forex card.

Here are some good options:

HDFC Multi-Currency Platinum Forex Card

Forex card of HDFC offers a wide spectrum of currencies such as US Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Kuwait Dinar, Australian Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Qatari Riyal, Canadian Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Bahrain Dinar, Euro, Oman Riyal, Korean Won, UAE Dirhams, Japanese Yen, Saudi Riyal, Sterling Pound, Malaysian Ringgit, Norwegian Krone, Swiss Franc, Thailand Baht, Danish Krone, Swedish Krona, South African Rand.

Thomas Cook Forex Card 

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This card offers you a diverse range of currencies, vis., US Dollars, Euro, Australian Dollars, British Pounds, Swiss Francs, Canadian Dollars, Singapore Dollars, Japanese Yen.

IndusInd Bank Multi-Currency Forex Card 

This card is another great choice and it offers to choose from US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Saudi Riyal, Euro, Singapore Dollar, British Pound and Dirham.

YES Bank Multi-Currency Travel Forex Card

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Yes Bank is also a good choice while travelling abroad. It offers currencies like USD, British Pound, Euro, Singapore Dollar, Australian Dollar, Dirhams, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar and Swiss Franc.

Axis Bank Multi-Currency Forex Card

Axis bank multi-currency card offers USD, Euro, British Pound, Singapore Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Swedish Krona, Thai Baht, United Arab Emirates Dirham, Saudi Riyal, Hong Kong Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Danish Krone, South African Rand.

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