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How To Apply For Cash Cards And Gift Cards

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How To Apply For Cash Cards And Gift Cards

A gift card is an innovative banking item that serves as a unique gift. Unlike normal gifts – physical items or vouchers for experiential services, a gift card permits the receiver to spend the pre-loaded money as they desire. In case of customary gifts, the receiver may not like what they are gifted. Or on the other hand they may already possess that item, so the gift does not have a lot of value for them. Then again, the beneficiary of a gift card has the freedom to purchase anything – as per their likes.

A gift card is essentially, a prepaid payment device. It is neither a debit card nor a credit card. The gift card is loaded with a fixed sum which cannot be redeemed for cash. Additionally, it isn’t possible to stack money once more. In that sense, a gift card is legitimate till there is balance left in the card. It ought to be used within the ‘legitimate through’ period as the card naturally expires on the date mentioned on the face of the card. It is imperative to use the available balance before this date as the cardholder foregoes the remaining sum post the mentioned date.

Credit cards can be gifted as an extra card to close ones like spouse, parents, kin, parents-in-law. For this, one must be possessing the essential credit card. Supplementary credit cards are not same as gift cards. They don’t have a prepaid breaking point set for usage that needs to be recharged upon exhaustion. Extra cards have the same facilities as the essential credit card.

Features of Add-on Card

Key features of extra cards include:

  1. This card can be used uniquely for close relatives of the essential cardholder. The card must be given to people who are above 18 years of age.
  2. This feature is best for parents who are retired or housewives who cannot claim an essential credit card due to absence of credit history or income evidence.
  3. Multiple extra cards can be availed against an essential credit card. Most extreme 5 supplementary cards are allowed, however it varies from bank to bank.
  4. There is a top on the greatest spending to be done through this card. As far as possible is generally lower than the essential credit card and decided by the primary cardholder.
  5. On account of multiple extra cards, credit limit per card is calculated by isolating the complete credit limit with the number of cards.
  6. Exchange details of supplementary cards are visible in the essential account, helping the benefactor in keeping a check on the same.
  7. Generally, an extra fee is to be paid for benefiting an extra card. There are few card providers that don’t charge a penny for the same, while some may charge an extra fee just on the primary extra card. The terms differ for each budgetary foundation.

Advantages of Gifting a Credit card

Some of the benefits of gifting a credit card are:

  1. It is acceptable to gift a credit card to students, homemakers and retired parents who otherwise cannot benefit the same due to absence of necessary documents.
  2. Extra card users can likewise use their card to pull back cash from ATM in case of a cash emergency.
  3. Reward point program is same in add-on card and base credit card. In this manner, a decent measure of focuses can be collected on the usage of the cards, which can be redeemed later.
  4. Since the exchange details are reflected in the essential account, the leading cardholder can screen and control the usage of all connected extra cards.

Things to Remember when Gifting a Credit Card

In spite of the perks highlighted above, one should carefully design before gifting a credit card. It is the essential cardholder’s responsibility to see that the payments are done on time and the cards are not misused. Additionally, over credit usage or any misuse of supplementary cards will negatively affect the essential cardholder’s credit score. Consequently, it should just be given to people who are responsible enough to enjoy the monetary independence in line with the fundamental rules.

ICICI Bank Gift Card

ICICI Bank Gift Card is one of the most well known gift cards in the gift card category. The gift card is a magnetic-strip based prepaid card that is offered in partnership with VISA. It is easy to purchase and can be a convenient gift to anyone for any event.

Types of ICICI Bank Gift Cards

There are two types of ICICI gift cards – one for people and the other for gatherings. Singular buyers can purchase the retail gift card while enterprises can purchase the corporate gift card for corporate gifting.

  1. Retail Gift Card: ICICI Bank offers a retail gift card to its customers. An individual can get one or more retail gift cards to gift them to people on special events. The card comes with a pre-loaded sum, chosen by the buyer, and can be used to complete both online and offline exchanges within the validity period.
  2. Corporate Gift Card: For corporate gifting, ICICI Bank offers corporate gift cards that employers can order for their employees to gift on festivals or reward them for their commitment to the business. These cards can be ordered in mass and can be personalized by embossing the organization name or logo.

Features of ICICI Bank Gift Cards

ICICI Bank offers some unique features to their customers through each of their ICICI Bank gift card.

  1. You can purchase an ICICI Bank Gift card from any ICICI branch that is nearest to you. On the off chance that you need more time, you can likewise get it online and get it delivered to your doorstep to hand it over to your loved one in person. Alternatively, you can have it delivered directly to the intended recipient’s address.
  2. Everyone has a different budget and ICICI Bank understands this. The bank gives you the freedom to stack the card in light of the sum you have, running anywhere from Rs. 500 to Rs. 50,000. It is a one-time load card and cannot be loaded once more. You can order multiple cards and burden different sums on each one of them. This permits you to gift different aggregates of money to different people with no worries.
  3. Anyone can use their ICICI Bank gift card at any of the VISA-enabled stores the nation over to shop, dine or travel. This card can likewise be used to pull back cash from an ATM until it reaches zero balance. There are plenty of offers listed on the ICICI website that the users can profit to save money when they shop utilizing their ICICI Bank gift card.
  4. The ICICI Bank gift card is legitimate for one year from the date of purchase. Like all credit or debit cards, the entirety of the details are mentioned on the face of the card including the expiry date. After the card reaches zero balance, the user can save it as a memento or dispose it off by cutting it in three or more parts.
  5. It does not matter in the event that you have an ICICI Bank account or not, as you can in any case purchase an ICICI Bank gift card. There are three different approaches to purchase both the retail gift card just as the corporate gift card. We take a gander at these three choices in a section below.

Benefits of ICICI Bank Gift Cards

The ICICI Bank Gift Card is one of the best gifts you can give to your loved ones. A few of the major benefits of these ICICI Bank gift cards are listed here.

  1. The ICICI Bank gift card is a preloaded card that can be used to shop at any VISA-enabled store the nation over
  2. You can likewise use this gift card to make online payments, to book tickets or to shop online
  3. In the event that you need to give an ICICI Bank gift card to your loved ones, you can order it through net banking or phone banking and get it delivered right to your doorstep. You can likewise get it directly delivered to the intended recipient
  4. You can stack the card with the desired sum, which can be any sum from Rs. 500 to Rs. 50,000
  5. The ICICI Bank gift card is substantial for one year from the date of initiation, and this is printed on the card alongside other details
  6. It is easy to pull back cash from an ATM utilizing the ICICI Bank gift card
  7. There is no cutoff to the number of exchanges anyone can do utilizing this gift card. It very well may be used until it reaches zero balance
  8. It is easy to convey this card as compared to cash since it is smaller and can be blocked easily in case it is lost or stolen
  9. The ICICI Bank gift card is more portable and durable than a gift voucher printed on paper
  10. Once the gift card reaches zero balance, you can use it as a memento to keep the memories of the mindful gift or discard it like some other regular credit card.

How to Buy an ICICI Bank Gift Card?

It is quite easy to purchase an ICICI Bank gift card whether as gift for your loved ones or for your employees for a special event. There are different choices to purchase both an ICICI retail gift card and a corporate gift card.

Retail Gift Card:

  1. You can purchase the ICICI Bank Retail Gift Card online through internet banking on the off chance that you hold an ICICI bank account.
  2. On the off chance that you don’t have an ICICI bank account, you can visit a select ICICI Bank branch to purchase the gift card and burden it with the measure of your choice.
  3. You can call the 24-hour ICICI customer care to get an ICICI Bank gift card.
  4. The ICICI Bank retail gift card is delivered within 7 working days from the date of request.

Corporate Gift Card:

  1. To get this card, you should simply to send a SMS expressing ‘GIFT’ to 5676766. Once you send this message, an ICICI executive will get in contact with you within 2 days to process the request.
  2. Send an email to ICICI at prepaidcards@icicibank.com to get in contact them. An ICICI Relationship Manager will get in contact with you within 2 days.
  3. Contact your ICICI Relationship Manager and request that the person in question process the request for you.

An ICICI Bank gift card is one of the best gifts you can give someone. Moreover, it relieves you from the stress of picking an appropriate gift. Also, the receiver can use the gift card anytime during its validity period to purchase anything online or at retail stores.

SBI Bank Gift Card

SBI Gift Card Overview

SBI Gift Card is one the most well known prepaid cards in the market at this moment. They make ideal gifts for the two people and companies. Singular customers can give the SBI gift card as a gift to their loved ones on festivals, family works or other special events. Companies can use gift cards to employees as extra, rewards or gifts for their difficult work and performance.

You can get the magnetic strip-based plastic gift card or an electronic gift card based on your preferences. Both of the gift cards can be loaded just a single time with a sum extending from Rs. 500 to Rs. 50,000. Powered by VISA, the card can be used for shopping at merchant outlets just as online retailers. Every time you make a purchase utilizing the gift card, the purchase sum is deducted from the gift card balance.

Purchase a SBI Gift Card

On the off chance that you need to purchase a SBI gift card, you should have an investment funds or current account with the SBI Bank. Then, you can easily get a SBI gift card by following any of the choices mentioned here:

SBI Bank Branch: You can visit the nearest SBI bank branch in your city and purchase a SBI gift card. The main pre-requisite is that you need to have a KYC agreeable account in SBI to get the gift card.

SBI Internet Banking: If you have net banking service activated on your SBI account, then you can order the SBI gift card online. You simply need to sign on to your SBI account from www.onlinesbi.com to get the gift card.

After you purchase the card, you need to recharge it with money for use. As far as possible is defined as a sum extending anywhere from Rs. 500 to Rs. 50,000 (in multiple of 100). Since this is a non-reloadable card, make sure to stack it with the perfect sum. You can get multiple gift cards from SBI to gift to different people instead of spending your time in chasing for appropriate gifts. SBI gift card is one of the best gifting answers for everyone.

Charges of SBI Gift Card

When you purchase a SBI Gift Card, you have to pay a one-time issuance fee of Rs. 105 + service charge. In the event that your gift card has a balance after it expires, you can apply for a refund. The bank will charge Rs. 100 per year as the yearly maintenance fees, if the balance is above Rs. 500. On the off chance that the card balance is less than Rs. 500 when it expires, the entire balance is forfeited and the gift card will be closed.

AXIS Bank Gift Card

It very well may be difficult to locate the correct gift for loved ones on festivals, birthday celebrations, and other special events. A preloaded gift card from a reputed bank can be one of the best alternatives for you. You won’t have to spend a ton of time heading to retail stores and discover gifts for different people with different tastes. Purchasing a gift has never been easier ever since the presentation of gift cards.

Axis Bank offers a non-reloadable magnetic-strip-based gift cards to its customers. This gift card can be used both at online entries just as merchant outlets that accept VISA cards. This card has one-year validity and can be loaded for Rs. 500 to Rs. 50,000. Customers can purchase a physical card or an e-gift card. The Axis Bank gift cards are just substantial in India.

Types of Axis Bank Gift Cards

There are two principle types of Axis Bank gift cards. Customers can pick a physical card or a virtual card, otherwise called an e-gift card. The types of Axis Bank gift cards are briefly discussed here.

  1. Axis Bank Gift Card: Axis Bank offers prepaid non-reloadable gift cards to their person just as corporate customers. They can apply for a gift card and have it delivered to their doorstep or send it directly to the intended recipient. The gift card unit contains all the details that the receiver would need to use the gift card including internet banking, PIN, etc.
  2. Axis Bank e-Gift Card: The Axis Bank e-gift card can be used to send gifts worth Rs. 500 to Rs. 50,000 over the internet to people in different pieces of the nation. The e-gift card can be used to make purchases online at all the “Verified by Visa” outlets. Customers can use telebanking or internet banking to check the remaining balance in the card. The other features of the e-gift card are the same as the physical gift card. Note that, the e-gift card cannot be reloaded.

Features of Axis Bank Gift Cards

Some of the fundamental features of Axis Bank gift cards are listed here:

  1. The Axis Bank gift card is a non-reloadable card that you can stack for Rs. 500 to Rs. 50,000. It works with the VISA stage and can be used at both online entrances and retail stores for shopping.
  2. Both the “Substantial From” and “Legitimate Through” dates are mentioned on the card. The card expires in one year or until the card reaches zero balance, whichever is earlier.
  3. You can purchase an Axis Bank Gift card from any branch closest to you. It is available off-the-shelf at all Axis Bank branches likewise around the nation.
  4. It isn’t essential to hold an account with Axis Bank to purchase a gift card from them. Anyone can visit an Axis Bank branch to purchase the gift card.
  5. After the card reaches zero balance, the user can save it as a memento of the priceless gift. They can likewise dispose it off by cutting it in four sections and hand it over to the bank.
  6. You can use the Axis Bank gift card to pay for any sort of shopping including design, grocery, electronics, travel, etc. purchases. Every one of these payments can be made at any of the Verified by Visa (VBV) certified merchant outlets or websites.
  7. This gift card can be swiped at Axis Bank ATMs or merchant outlets for the measure of Rs. 20,000 or the balance available in the card, whichever is lower.
  8. You can likewise purchase a virtual gift card, otherwise called an e-gift card, from Axis Bank to deliver it electronically to someone. This card is sent immediately to the chosen email id and can be used from the next day onwards.
  9. It is easy to check the balance in your Axis Bank gift card through both ATM and internet banking facilities. All details including passwords required to operate the internet banking, telebanking and ATM account are sent in the gift card unit.
  10. The unutilised balance in the Axis Bank gift card lapses to the bank and becomes Nil on the date of expiry. Users can save the card as a memento or destroy it by cutting it in four pieces. You can likewise apply to the bank for redemption if there is some balance in the card after it expires.
  11. Lost or stolen Axis Bank gift cards can be replaced easily. The customer must visit the nearest Axis Bank branch and present a copy of the FIR lodged with the police for the lost or stolen card. The bank hotlists the card and repays the balance of the lost or stolen card to the new card after deducting the replacement charges.

Benefits of Axis Bank Gift Cards

Whether you decide on a physical or a virtual gift card, there are plenty of benefits of getting it from Axis bank. A few of the major benefits of Axis Bank gift cards are listed here.

  1. The Axis Bank gift card is a prepaid non-reloadable card that can be used to shop at any of the VISA-enabled online merchants and retail stores the nation over.
  2. It likewise comes in an electronic structure and this e-gift card can be used to do online exchanges simply like a physical gift card.
  3. The Axis Bank gift card comes in a gift card pack that contains the ATM, net banking just as telebanking PIN. The customers can use this data to check the card balance anytime of time.
  4. You can stack the card for Rs. 500 to Rs. 50,000 at the time of purchase.
  5. Axis Bank gift card is substantial for one year from the date of initiation, the “Legitimate through” date is the expiry date of the card.
  6. This gift card be used to pull back cash from any of the Axis Bank ATMs the nation over.
  7. The Axis Bank gift card takes a shot at the widely accepted VISA stage.
  8. There is no cutoff on the number of exchanges anyone can do utilizing this gift card. It very well may be used until it reaches zero balance or reaches its expiry date
  9. Customers can swipe the card at a merchant outlet or use it at online entryways for any sum up to Rs. 20,000 out of a single day
  10. It is easy to convey this card as compared to piles of cash in the wallet since it is smaller and easy to convey.
  11. The Axis Bank gift card can be hot-listed on the off chance that it is lost or stolen and, then replaced easily after paying nominal charges.
  12. Axis Bank has a tie-up with major e-commerce sites and has exciting offers running now and again that customers can use with the Axis Bank gift card

How to Buy an Axis Bank Gift Card?

  1. You can get the Axis Bank gift card easily by visiting the nearest Axis Bank branch in your city since it is available over the counter at all of the branch outlets. You can make the payment with cash, check, Demand Draft (DD), etc. You can likewise go the Axis Bank fundamental website and apply for the gift card by heading off to the prepaid cards page.
  2. The physical gift card is activated within one day after the date of purchase while the e-gift card is activated in a flash. The Axis Bank gift card is usable in India as it were.
  3. After paying the charges for the card, the customer can stack the card for anything from Rs. 500 to Rs. 50,000. The replacement card is just issued on account of a physical card and it isn’t available for an e-gift card.

What is the Procedure for Getting a Replacement Card?

On account of theft or loss of the gift card, you can get a replacement card from Axis Bank. To stop unauthorized use, you should report theft or misfortune to the Axis Bank branch that happens to be the most nearby bank branch for you, sending an email at gift.card@axisbank.com or calling the phone banking customer care team at the number 022-6798 7700

After you have reported the misfortune, you need to visit the bank and present a copy of the police FIR to the bank to get the replacement card. You need to show a copy of your ID and give the old card number details to the bank. In the event that the balance of the card is above Rs. 100 and it is as yet legitimate, the bank will deduct replacement charges and issue a new card to the customer.

HDFC Bank Gift Card

Catering to changing times and conditions and keeping Indian needs at the top of the priority list, HDFC has introduced the HDFC Bank GiftPlus Card. This new age comes in helpful during the time of festivities.

During several Indian festivals, the exchange of gifts is genuinely normal. However, purchasing a gift these days has become troublesome. There is simply an excessive amount to choose from. Moreover, everyone has their own tastes and preferences. It is hard to predict what an individual will like or dislike. These are events where a gift card attempts to everyone’s advantage. The recipient of the gift card can use it for shopping, watching a film, eating at a fine-feasting restaurant, or anything else that they extravagant. The gift-giver is free of the burden to choose a gift that the recipient will need and appreciate. Further, a gift card is safer than a gift of cash and provides more alternatives than a voucher.

Fundamentally, a HDFC Bank Gift Plus Card is a prepaid card. This means a limited total of money has already been deposited in lieu of the card. The recipient can just spend up to the aggregate sum deposited on the card.

Features of HDFC Bank Gift Card

Here are some of the principle features of a HDFC Gift Card:

  1. This card works like a debit card. This implies the money used from this account has already been deposited with the bank. It is the buyer’s own money that is being spent through a plastic card.
  2. However, there are some differences. The card has its very own identity. Unlike a debit card which is linked to the user’s account, this card enjoys the situation of being independent of a user’s personal account.
  3. The person purchasing the gift card does not need to have a HDFC account. They should simply go to a nearby HDFC branch and round out the Know Your Customer (KYC) frame and present their identity verification and address evidence. Existing account holders will get the card a lot faster as their documents have already been submitted to the bank.
  4. The sum deposited on the gift card cannot be more than Rs. 50,000.
  5. This card must be used in India.
  6. No extra sum is charged for utilizing the card.
  7. The money deposited for the gift card is just accepted by a check or demand draft. The card gets activated in a few hours once the sum has been cleared.

Benefits of HDFC Bank Gift Card

There are several benefits of a HDFC Gift Card. Some of those have been discussed below.

  1. Easy Access: The money spent with a gift card has already been deposited by the gift-giver for the user. This makes the money easily accessible as they no longer have to pay for everything with cash.
  2. Great Gift: Giving a gift card to someone on a special event makes sense because it gives the recipient the choice to purchase whatever they wish. The freedom to choose one’s gift is rare and consistently welcome. The gift-giver no longer needs to stress over selecting the perfect gift.
  3. Flexibility: The HDFC Bank Gift Card makes payment choices flexible. This card can be used in place of other conventional modes of payment including cash and debit or credit cards.

Confinements of HDFC Bank Gift Card

The HDFC gift card does have some downsides, however. Take a look.

  1. Non-Renewable: Once the card expires it cannot be renewed. The candidate should apply for a new card. This might result in some problems where the card user does not utilize all the assets or cannot add more assets to an existing one out of an emergency.
  2. One-Time Deposit: The sum deposited cannot be changed or paid in EMIs. The underlying sum gets locked in and the card can be used distinctly up to the sum deposited. This restricts the measure of assets that the user has available to them. The user needs to spend the assets carefully. Attempting to use the card for a sum higher than what the assets permit will lead to a declined exchange.
  3. Works in Limited Places: Unlike an ATM or debit card which can pretty much be used anywhere, gift cards must be used in certain places and circumstances. The bank has a tie-up with a few commercial chains. Along these lines, there might be a limited number of shops where these cards would be entertained.
  4. No Cash Withdrawal Facility: Unlike a regular debit card, money cannot be pulled back with a gift card. This constrains their ease of use somewhat. A user should discover other means in an emergency when they really need cash.

Step by step instructions to apply for HDFC Gift Card

A question that many individuals ask is the manner by which one can approach getting their hands on a HDFC Gift Card. There is a typical misconception that one must be a HDFC account holder to get one of these cards. Fortunately one does not need to be an existing HDFC customer so as to profit the benefits of a HDFC gift card. However, the process is simpler for HDFC customers. The procedure for the two types of people is described here.

HDFC Account Holders: Individuals who already have a HDFC account just have to round out a Gift Card application structure. They don’t need to present any evidence documents as these are already present in the bank. The assets for the card can be paid with a check, account transfer, or demand draft. The gift card is activated a lot faster as the assets can be verified and cleared rapidly.

Non-HDFC Customers: Individuals who don’t have a relationship with HDFC Bank can go to their nearest HDFC branch and round out the requisite structures. They should present a Know Your Customer (KYC) structure alongside identity and address confirmation documents. They can give the assets as a check or a demand draft. The gift card takes more time to activate as the assets take longer to clear.

Bank of Baroda Gift Card

Bank of Baroda is a prominent state-owned bank in India with its headquarters in Vadodara, Gujarat. The bank offers a range of budgetary services, for example, loans, credit cards, investment accounts, etc. Their Gift Cards is a mainstream and functional service that is utilized by numerous individuals of the bank’s customers and even those who don’t have an account with the bank. The Bank of Baroda Gift Card is a prepaid card that can be used for exchanges at all Visa registered outlets. An individual can apply for the card at any Bank of Baroda outlet. Customers who already have an account in the bank will think that its a lot easier to benefit the card.

The premise for a gift card is simple. Purchasing a gift for someone can be a hassle. There is consistently a remote possibility that the recipient may not like their gift. This can become embarrassing as it is hard to predict what one may like or dislike. This is where a gift card can be a considerably more viable alternative. The card can be given as a gift to someone on a special event, for example, a wedding, Raksha Bandhan, birthday events, anniversary, etc. The recipient can purchase whatever they like from selected retail outlet. This gives the recipient a ton of freedom and choice.

Features of the Bank of Baroda Gift Card

Some of the significant features and benefits for the Bank of Baroda Gift Card are enlisted here.

  1. The card can be used instead of cash and the recipient can purchase whatever they need with the card.
  2. The card has a most extreme validity of one year. After that, the cardholder needs to apply for a new gift card.
  3. The card can be used all over India.
  4. The card can be used at all VISA authenticated stores.
  5. The card can likewise be used for online exchanges.
  6. All the exchanges done online will be safe and secure. This is because VISA has its own authentication service for all card-related exchanges.
  7. The card cannot be used to pull back cash at ATMs.
  8. There are no charges for utilizing the card at a retail outlet.

Things to Note for Bank of Baroda Gift Card Holders

  1. This is a single-load card. No extra sum can be added once the card’s assets have been exhausted. However, one can generally ‘purchase’ a new gift card.
  2. Transfer of money starting with one gift card then onto the next isn’t allowed.
  3. The customer can know their balance by going online or by calling the 24-hour customer care service. The customer card executive will request the card number and identification details after which the necessary details will be provided.
  4. It is significant that the cardholder sign the rear of the card as this signature will be used for authentication purposes. The shopkeeper will make the cardholder sign a charge slip. This signature will be matched with the signature at the rear of the card.
  5. In case the card gets misplaced or lost, the cardholder ought to immediately call the complementary customer care number and report the misfortune. After experiencing the identification process of the cardholder, the bank can obstruct the card to prevent any misuse. Once blocked, a gift card cannot be unblocked.

Benefits of a Bank of Baroda Gift Card

  1. VISA Backed: The card is powered by VISA and can be used at different outlets all over India.
  2. Flexibility: It gives the cardholder a great deal of budgetary choices, in terms of how, when, and where one wishes to spend the money.
  3. Online Transactions: The card can be used on all VISA approved e-commerce sites. Online shopping is therefore quite simple.
  4. Portable: The gift card is essentially portable money as a plastic card. It is easy to convey and can be used as and when required.

Confinements of a Bank of Baroda Gift Card

  1. Top on Limit: There is a greatest cutoff on the sum that can be spent utilizing the card. For example, if the most extreme deposit on the card is Rs. 50,000, then the cardholder cannot spend beyond Rs. 50,000. This can sometimes be a requirement.
  2. No Top-Ups: The assets on the card cannot be replenished. The sum deposited once will remain the same. It cannot be increased or decreased. The best way to use the assets is to use the card to make purchases.
  3. Expiration: The card has a validity of just a single year. After that, the card expires like any unused assets.
  4. No ATM Withdrawals: A gift card cannot be used at an ATM to pull back cash. This can be a problem in case cash is required.
  5. Non-Transferable: The assets in one gift card
  6. New Service: This concept of gift cards is still new in India. Many individuals may not understand how to this service. There is likewise the confinement of retailers that accept gift cards. Outside urban centers, gift cards may discover little use.

YES Bank Gift Card

Incorporated in the year 2003, YES Bank is now India’s fifth largest private sector bank. The bank was established with a dream of becoming a top notch, customer centric, service driven monetary organization. It has been successful on every one of these checks and has been recognized by different positioning agencies, media houses and warning firms as one of the fastest developing banks in India. YES Bank has consistently received honors for indicating consistent development and offering money related types of assistance to national and international industry discussions.

It is the crucial the bank to become India’s finest quality bank by 2020. YES Bank is a full service commercial bank. It offers the full range of banking items and services across retail, SME and corporate segments.

YES Bank Gift Card: Overview

One well known item offered by the bank is the YES Bank Gift Card. These gift cards are pre-loaded with money and used for gifting purposes on special events. These are a better alternative than giving normal presents which are often not used by the receiver. Then again, a YES Bank Gift Card can be used to purchase anything that the beneficiary desires. He or she does not have to settle with what is normally given. The receiver of the gift card has the freedom to spend the money wherever he or she likes, whether on food, clothes, movies and even groceries.

YES Bank offers three gift cards to meet the requirements of different customers. These are discussed in some detail below.

YES Bank Gift Card

This gift card from YES Bank is an ideal gifting alternative for festive events and celebrations. It is the perfect present as it gives the benefit of choice to the recipient. It works best for significant events like birthday celebrations, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, etc. in the lives of close loved ones.

Key Benefits

  1. Appropriate Giveaway: The YES Bank Gift Card is the best gifting alternative for special moments in life. It tends to be given as a gift on a wide range of festivals like Diwali, Holi, Christmas just as key milestones, for example, weddings, anniversaries, birthday events, etc.
  2. Multiple Amounts: This gift card can be pre-loaded with any sum running from Rs. 500 to Rs. 50,000. This satisfies the requirements for a wide range of gifting.
  3. Wide Acceptance: The YES Bank Gift Card is accepted at online and offline merchants in India
  4. Ease of Use: The gift card can be easily used to make purchases at over 6 lakh merchants in India that accept MasterCard. However, the card cannot be used to pull back money from ATMs.

YES Bank Corporate Gift Card

Business associations and corporates have to give gifts to employees, customers, partners and associates as incentives and furthermore as presents on festivals like Diwali, etc. Normally, they give physical items, gift vouchers or cash. The pre-loaded YES Bank Corporate Gift Card is the perfect alternative to existing gifts as it makes the gifting process easy, hassle free and devoid of the problem of coordinations. Companies can conveniently top-up the gift card with an appropriate sum and the receiver can use it to purchase items of their choice. No longer does the beneficiary have to settle with what is given. He or she has the privilege of spending the money on things that he or she has wanted to purchase.

Key Benefits

  1. Perfect Choice: The YES Bank Corporate Gift Card is excellent for all corporate gifting events. It is a lot easier for business associations to give this gift card than existing choices of gifting. This is because the effort involved in gifting YES Bank Corporate Gift Card is considerably less than giving physical gifts.
  2. High Load Value: This YES Bank gift card can be loaded with sum up to Rs. 50,000
  3. Wide Acceptance: This gift card from YES BANK can be used to purchase merchandise and ventures at over 6 lakh MasterCard enabled merchant outlets in India including hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.
  4. Special Discount on Bulk Quantities: The gift card issuance fee is waived off for corporates who order a large amount of YES Bank Corporate Gift Cards – 500 gift cards with a top-up measure of Rs. 2,000 or higher per card.
  5. Free Balance Enquiry: Recipients of the YES Bank Corporate Gift Card can easily check the balance on their gift card by utilizing any of these three alternatives – over the phone (YES TOUCH PhoneBanking), at ATMs (any YES Bank ATM in India) and online (Prepaid Net Banking). No sum is charged for balance enquiry.

YES Bank Jewelry Gift Card

This YES Bank Gift Card is the third gift card offered by the bank. This has been designed specially to gift jewelry, albeit as a gift card which is then used to purchase ornaments of choice. Along these lines the recipient gets to purchase jewelry of their. This pre-loaded card is an excellent gift for festivals like Diwali, Holi, Akshaya Tritiya, etc. also, special events like marriages, anniversaries, etc. Not no one but it very well may be given to loved ones, yet in addition to clients, business partners and associates.

Key Benefits

  1. Power of Choice: The YES Bank Jewelry Gift Card awards independence to the receiver of the gift card to purchase their favorite jewelry.
  2. Wide Acceptance: All gold and jewelry merchants in India that accept MasterCard recognize this gift card for in-store (i.e. retail location) and online exchanges
  3. High Top-Up Amount: The YES Bank Jewelry Gift Card can be loaded with a greatest measure of Rs. 50,000
  4. Free Balance Enquiry: Recipients of this gift card can check the balance on their card through any of these three choices – over the phone (YES TOUCH PhoneBanking), at ATMs (any YES BANK ATM in India) and on the internet (Prepaid Net Banking). Balance enquiry isn’t chargeable.

Amex Bank Gift Card

American Express® Gift Card

The American Express® Gift Card gives the power of choice. It is a splendid gift that can be given to family, friends, employees, partners, clients and other people to celebrate special events. Whether it is a festival, wedding, birthday, anniversary, graduation, or a significant milestone like achievement of sales target, obtaining of new customer, etc, the American Express® Gift Card is the perfect gift.

American Express® Gift Cards can be used to shop online at merchants that accept this card. They are likewise recognized at well known shops, stores, restaurants, hotels, etc. in India that take American Express cards.

American Express® Gift Card members likewise benefit from RBI DEAF guidelines, provided they have submitted the required KYC documents. From November 1, 2016, they receive the balance available on the gift card, even after its expiry (post the legitimate through date) by method of check in Indian currency. It takes 25 working days to process the refund from the date of accommodation of substantial KYC documents.

American Express® Gift Card – Features and Benefits

American Express® Gift Card offers a large group of features and numerous advantages that make this gift card stand apart from the competition. These are discussed below:

  1. Wide Acceptance in India

The American Express® Gift Card enjoys recognition at most merchant partners in the nation that accept American Express cards. It very well may be easily used for online shopping, just as for offline shopping. This makes it an excellent gift as the receiver of the gift card isn’t limited by its acceptance.

  • No Additional Fee

Some banks charge a month to month fee on their gift cards. However, this isn’t the case with American Express® Gift Cards. Cardholders have complete access to the underlying burden sum and can use it to purchase items and services voluntarily. Members don’t lose money over time, just like the case in some other gift cards.

Convenient Ways to Check the Balance

American Express provides user-friendly approaches to check the balance available on the American Express® Gift Card. This helps keep away from declines at the time of purchase when the money in the card is less than the purchase sum or when the balance is nil. Cardholders can use any of the two below mentioned methods to check the balance on their gift card. They have to provide the gift card number in the two cases.

By calling the complementary number 1800-443-1188 between 9 am to 9 pm (India Standard Time) from Mondays through Saturdays

By going on the American Express website – cardholders can even view their exchange history online

Special Offers at American Express Selects™

American Express® Gift Card members can profit exciting offers and limits by shopping at the American Express Selects™ website. Offers length mainstream categories like eating, travel, entertainment, shopping and significantly more. There are hundreds of special offers running at some random point in time. Cardholders can take advantage of these and get more value out of their American Express® Gift Card.

Snappy Replacement in Case of Loss of Card

American Express offers brief service if the American Express® Gift Card is ever stolen or lost, provided the cardholder reports the loss of his/her card immediately. The cardholder needs to call the complementary number 1800-443-1188 to advise about the misplaced gift card and quote thecard number. Therefore, it is advisable to keep a note of the unique number with the goal that time isn’t lost during such an emergency. American Express provides speedy replacement of the gift card to ensure ceaseless benefits to cardholders.

American Express® Gift Card – Ways to Avoid Declines

It is embarrassing when a gift card is declined at the card’s swipe machine at a merchant outlet. A decline can likewise happen at the checkout page during online shopping. To keep away from this scenario, it is critical to check the balance on the American Express® Gift Card before making any purchase. This should be possible in two different ways – calling the complementary number 1800-443-1188 and expressing the gift card number or visiting the American Express website and entering the unique number. This little step ensures a smooth shopping experience. In case the available balance on the gift card is less than the absolute purchase sum, the gift cardholder can enquire from the merchant on the off chance that they can pay the deficit sum by some other mode of payment (Cash/Check/Other Card) This way the exchange isn’t declined and one can complete the purchase.

American Express® Gift Card – Usage Restrictions

The American Express® Gift Card can be used at partenered merchants just that accept American Express cards. There are merchants who don’t accept this gift card. It can likewise not be used to pull back money at ATMs. Being a gift card, it isn’t linked to any bank account. This restrains its convenience to making purchases as it were. American Express® Gift Card cannot be used to make recurring payments for month to month memberships and utilities. Detailed data on its usage and restrictions can be obtained by conversing with the customer care representatives at the complementary number 1800-443-1188.

American Express® Gift Card – Important Information

American Express has stopped giving fresh gift cards in India. However, existing American Express® Gift Card members will continue to enjoy the benefits of the card till the end of the validity period. This is mentioned on the front side of the card and reads – ‘substantial through’.

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