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ICICI Campus Power: A one Stop solution for students, parents and institutions; Know features and benefits

by Shatakshi Gupta

Recently, ICICI Bank announced the opening of a digital portal to serve the needs of students hoping to enrol in higher education both domestically and overseas. The one-stop platform “Campus Power” meets the diverse needs of the entire student environment, which includes parents, schools, and students. The student ecosystem no longer has to interact with several stakeholders because it offers both banking and value-added solutions in one location. Anyone can use it, including clients of other banks.

What is campus power portal?

This online resource will assist in addressing the demands of students, as well as those of their parents, various institutions, and universities. Along with digital banking, it aids pupils in overcoming a variety of challenges. By doing this, the bank will also assist in providing its clients with various forms of student loans. Additionally, clients will be able to send money quickly to their children who live abroad.

Customers of other banks will also be able to take use of the advantages offered by ICICI Bank’s campus power platform. There are various services available, including education loans, foreign currency exchange, credit card, and debit card facilities, in addition to sending money to your children studying abroad. Through this platform, customers will also benefit from a tax rebate on their investments.

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Along with India, Canada, the UK, Germany, and the USA, Campus Power Platform also offers information on a variety of value-added services relating to higher education. Apart from offering course or institution information, the empaneled partners offer value-added services like admission counselling, exam preparation, foreign housing, and travel help. The students will receive complete understanding regarding admission to the college, fees, travel costs, etc. for further study.

What are the included services?

  • Financial aid for education, help choosing a degree and school, both in India and abroad, exam preparation support, the issuance of debit/credit cards, and account creation for international students are all services offered.
  • The portal helps parents support their children’s educational endeavours by offering them services for education loans and remittance. More possibilities for savings accounts, investments, vacations, and health insurance are also given to consumers.
  • The private sector lender collaborates with well-known companies. These include British Council, IDP Education, EasyMyTrip, Cassita, etc.
  • In order to complement its digital initiatives, the private sector lender is opening branches that are expressly targeted at the student ecosystem. The first branch of IIT Kanpur has already been established, and seven further ones will be opened at the campuses of major colleges around India. Multi-functional teams with the knowledge to support the entire student environment are housed in these full-service branches.

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