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Is crypto and stock market the same type of investment?

by Meghashree Das

Investing in stocks has been a popular way to make money for quite some time now. But what if there were another profitable investment that was just as safe and easy to access? And, moreover, what if it offered even more potential for growth than stocks? To many people, this is the ultimate dream. You spend your money on an investment that you know will grow exponentially and create a comfortable retirement fund or lifestyle for you. It’s practically guaranteed success. So where do we find such an infallible investment opportunity?

Cryptocurrency might be the answer!

In this post, we explore how cryptocurrency stacks up against traditional stock market investing when it comes to stability and growth opportunities. Read on to find out which investment gives you the most potential for growth.

What makes cryptocurrency different?

The first thing to realize is that cryptocurrency is completely independent of governments. This means that there are no political or economic influences that will affect how much money your investments will make. This makes it a truly safe way for you to store your capital, because there is no risk of loss due to political or economic events.

Cryptocurrency provides more options than stocks as well. Although stocks offer the potential for high rewards, investors often worry that they are running out of opportunities when they start seeing higher and higher risk in the stock market, with lower and lower return possibilities. Cryptocurrency, on the other hand, is a digital currency that allows investors to invest in any form they choose. You can even invest in altcoins while investing in stock markets. In fact, cryptocurrency can fit into any stock portfolio perfectly!

Growth potential

It’s no surprise that cryptocurrency investors see more potential for growth compared to traditional stock market investors because of their unique features and benefits. Growth potential is a great reason to invest in cryptocurrency! The markets are constantly growing with new opportunities for investors to make more money.

In the end, what ties cryptocurrency together is that it provides investors with accurate information. There is no doubt that the stock market can be very volatile, but cryptocurrency allows you to invest in a system where you can depend on its value to always be stable. This is a great way to appreciate the growth potential of your money!

How comparable are crypto and stocks?

Let’s compare some basic statistics between stock markets and cryptocurrency markets. Here is a chart showing annualized gains as data in return of investment for both stock markets and cryptocurrencies over the years:

The result was surprising for both cryptocurrencies and stocks, with traditional investments making the least amount possible over time: $0.05 at current prices in both cases! . 

Let us take the help of an example:

Now let’s compare returns from investing in cryptocurrency with cryptocurrencies and stocks with the same number of months invested:

In a nutshell, investing in cryptocurrency is similar to investing in traditional stocks. The main differences are that cryptocurrency is relatively new, unregulated, and has low barriers to entry. It makes sense why investors are drawn to stock markets despite the volatility they can see. However, as time progresses and cryptocurrencies become more regulated and accessible, it will only be a matter of time before they see comparable returns as stock markets.

A more serious comparison of stock and cryptocurrency investing was conducted by Tushar Jain in early 2017. The results showed that historical returns for a cryptocurrency portfolio were actually slightly better than historical returns for a portfolio of US stocks. However, this was true for only one time period out of 10, and the cryptocurrency group averaged less volatility than the stocks over five time periods.

Compared to traditional equity investors, cryptocurrency investors see lower risk while seeing higher potential returns. It’s not surprising to see that cryptocurrencies are able to provide up to 4 times potential gains compared to stock markets!

Is The Development Still In Place?

Cryptocurrencies are still developing, but they do have a lot of potential. They will be able to provide investments in the future like stocks have in the past. Cryptocurrency still has a lot to show investors, and as time goes on, we will see more and more potential for growth.

Although there are many comparisons between cryptocurrency and stocks from a common investor perspective, an in-depth comparison of these financial instruments shows that cryptocurrency is not just a direct investment substitute for traditional stock market investing but instead a whole new universe of investing possibilities.

Investing in cryptocurrency provides incredible benefits not found in traditional stock markets. It offers more opportunities for growth, stability, ease of access (meaning more people can benefit from the opportunities), and safety than any other form of investment.

How can you invest in stocks right now?

One of the best and the most reliable ways to generate wealth without much hard work is investing in the stock market. With little investment in the right stocks, you can generate massive amounts of cash over time. 

Today the stock market has grown so much that millions of people all over the world are spending more than 60% of their income to invest in stocks of leading companies. 

If you were to start investing today, or are wondering where to invest, here is a guide to help you make the right decisions. 

With coronavirus hitting China, the entire stock market has crashed. China was considered one of the largest global growth markets but today with the coronavirus fears, interest rates have dropped substantially. Business is at an all time low for tens of millions of people although the economy is seen to be relatively stable. 

Keeping the economy level in mind, experts suggest the best stocks to buy right now are – 


Medifast is recognised as the USA’s best stock to buy for 2020 according to US News. The company expertise on creating healthy meals cashing in on the huge healthcare market. When experts made a list for the most profitable stocks to buy in February, Medifast was a clear winner. 

If looked at from a numerical perspective, the Medifast stock is expected to grow 30% in 2020 and 20% annually for the next five years. This makes it a lucrative investment opportunity for those looking to invest right now. 

The stock pays a 4.6% dividend which is extremely rare in the stock market. This gives it an edge over other stocks. Moreover, the company has no long term debts weighing them down. Currently, it is a great investment at its extremely low cost and huge payouts in the future. 


Costco is one company who surprisingly thrived during the Great Economic Depression. The fiscal 2008 sales jumped by 13% while the store sales increased by 8% setting a new record for everyone to follow. This makes it a great investment for both, good and bad economic times. Costco’s membership is available at just $60 for one year, offering its customers to shop at wholesale prices in large quantities. Moreover, Costco has no direct competition making it an obvious choice for a rewarding stock investment. 

Some other stocks considered rewarding in the long term are – 

Dollar General

Dollar General is considered a relatively low risk company. They sell consumer staples that enables them to regularly generate predictable continuous revenue. This makes it one of the best stock investment opportunity for investors who like to play it safe and avoid volatile unpredictable markets. Dollar General’s shares remain relatively stable in low or worrisome economic times, further reducing loss risks. 

Although the one downside of investing in the Dollar General is its low dividend. At just 0.8%, it is not exactly the ideal profitable choice. But the good news is that financial experts and analysts have predicted that the dollar general’s share will grow about 3% through their growth and expansion over time. 

If you are looking for more detailed analysis lists of what to invest in and when is the best time to do so, head over to the Investor’s Business Daily that offers expertly analysed lists of stocks and their growth potential. 

IBD’s Most Popular Stock Lists

The first one is the popular Investor’s Business Daily Stock List. This list helps you to streamline your search and save time. It is a handy list of the top 50 stocks that are analysed to be the most profitable in the current and the near future economy. It gives you in-depth numerical analysis to help you focus your time and attention on the true leaders of the economic market and make the right investment decisions. 

IBD’s Specialty Stock Lists

The next list offered by the Investor’s Business Daily is their popular Speciality Stock List. This list is designed in a way that caters to your individual needs. The list provides stock investing ideas that have a huge potential to win in the near future and generate huge revenues for the investors.  

Some other helpful lists include – 

  • Exclusive IBD Ratings
  • IBD Stock Checkup

How does the IOT marketing is placed?

An advertising business can become a great revenue source for the business, but to be successful, it requires careful planning and investment of time. Before starting up a new advertising campaign for your IOT device, you should have an idea of what your objective is, how long you want it to run for, and how much it’s going to cost.

How to set the IOT marketing campaign?

The most important thing the company does when they start an advertising campaign is set their objectives first so they can understand what they want from their advertisement. The goal may be determined by many factors: sales (cost per sale), revenue (amount gained), or return on investment (ROI). When the company sets a specific objective, they know where to place their budget as well. With this general knowledge, they can then create an advertising campaign to show how effective it is in achieving that goal.

How does the marketing research process starts?

The process of setting objectives and reaching them is called “marketing research”, and advertisers will generally perform this research on themselves if they’re advertising for their own business. This is usually done through a section called the “sales and marketing plan”, which can be found in most business books. This plan allows you to thoroughly understand your competitors, your target market, the best methods of advertising for your product or service, etc.

Research can be done on oneself in order to advertise and set objectives, but this is not always the case. Often, if the company is setting up an advertising campaign for a third party (such as a charity or other corporation), they would conduct market research on the client’s behalf. This research is very specific about the product/service/cause that they are trying to promote, and can help them achieve their goals by choosing the appropriate advertising method for their needs. However, it can also be costly and time-consuming to gather information about others in this manner; this may deter some companies from doing so.

How does the IOT marketing campaign starts?

The second thing advertisers do is decide on how long their campaign will run for. If they have a hard deadline (such as tax day or Christmas), then placing a time limit on a campaign may be easier and more effective than leaving it open-ended.

Setting an end date for your campaign not only lets you know when the objective is completed, but it also allows you to measure the length of time it takes to reach your goal. For instance, if you have a quota of money that you need to make in order to cover certain expenses or break even, then you can set that as the goal and measure how much money was made after how much time has passed. If you are doing this for a charity or other cause, a time limit can be set in order to make sure the campaign doesn’t go on indefinitely.

The third thing that advertisers do is select an advertising method. This decision depends greatly on how much money, time, and research is available. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, but they all achieve the same goal of getting your message across to potential customers.

How to directly start on the media management?

There are 3 main methods you can use when advertising your company: media, direct/personal contacts and sales promotion.

Media ads are commonly used because they are a cost-effective way to reach a large number of people. They depend on how much the company can spend, but they often deliver good results in the form of brand awareness and sales. Media ads are found in magazines, newspapers, TV and radio broadcasts, billboards and other forms of mass media.

In some cases, people will contact you directly with their questions or thoughts about your product. A lot of times this information is passed on to you from the customer service department at your business; a sales representative may have gotten an inquiry from a potential customer that they forwarded to them. In this case you would use your direct/personal contacts to advertise your services or products.

For example, a customer service representative at your business may have had a customer call them about a problem with their product. The customer service representative will give that information to you, and tell you that they forwarded the call to account management. In this case, you would create an advertisement for the product and get sales for it through your sales promotions.

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