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3 Mistakes that cause a delay in receiving income tax returns

by BankingTricks Desk

With the launch of the new Income Tax Department website, filing income tax returns has become simpler. The new system entirely gets rid of the burden of paperwork. Taxpayers are usually recommended to file their income tax returns on time because doing so can speed up the process of receiving a tax refund.

 There may be a number of causes if you have filed an ITR but your refund does not arrive on time. Here, we are providing you with information on the crucial cause of this issue. Additionally, we’ll explain how to quickly verify your status in just three simple steps.

Let us inform you that completing an income tax return is now quite simple thanks to the launch of the Income Tax Department’s new website. 6.25 crore taxpayers have so far filed income tax forms, according to statistics previously made available by the CBDT. 4.5 crore people have received reimbursements as a result. Here we are telling you three significant reasons why your refund gets delayed or doesn’t come at all.

Technical flaw:

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After the Income Tax Department launched a new portal in June 2021, there were several days of technical difficulties. On social media, knowledge regarding the issue had also been disseminated. Please be aware that your ITR reimbursement could become stalled as a result of a related technical problem.

Lack of documentation:

 A significant factor in the delay in receiving a refund can be the absence of extra paperwork. You can speak with the tax officer and resubmit the necessary documentation to fix this problem.


 Verification is one of the causes of not receiving a refund. Your ITR will be regarded as invalid if it is not verified within the allotted time range. ITRs that are not validated are deemed invalid under the Income Tax Act of 1961.

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