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You Can Use UPI Without Internet Even On A Feature Phone; Here’s how

by Shatakshi Gupta

Unified Payment Interface or commonly known as UPI is a system that allows operation of multiple bank accounts, accommodating features of different banks, seamless movement of funds and payments to merchants all under one umbrella through a single mobile application.

It also caters to “Peer to Peer” requests which can be paid as per requirement and convenience. It is noteworthy that the first version of UPI was launched in April 2016. After that subsequent versions were launched with some enhanced features.

The advent of UPI had revolutionised the digital payment ecosystem. The UPI system is much easier to handle as compared to internet banking. Having a simple interface made UPI popular.

Generally, we think that it is essential to have internet in mobile to make UPI payments, whereas it is not so at all. You can make UPI payments even without the internet.

Many times we travel in low network coverage places, then in such a situation, it is very difficult to make UPI payment. Today, we are going to solve this problem by telling you how to use UPI without the internet.

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  • First of all, you need to register yourself on a UPI network. Once registered, you can make payments even without the internet.
  • If you are already a registered customer, go to your phone’s dialler and type *99# and press the call button.
  • Now a pop-up menu will appear on your screen with options like Send Money, Receive Money, Check Balance, My Profile, Pending Requests, Transactions and UPI PIN.  You can choose any option according to your need by entering the respective number.
  • If you want to send money to someone through UPI, then select the option with Send Money. Now a new pop up menu will appear in front of you, in which it will be written that through which medium you want to send money, such as mobile number, UPI ID and IFSC account number.
  • If you want to send money from a mobile number, then select that option, else you can send money through other options as well. However, sending money through UPI Id is the most preferred method.
  • Then type the amount you want to send and send it.  Enter the UPI PIN to complete the transaction. In this way, you can easily send money to anyone without the internet.
  • Sometimes you may see error 549, this means you don’t have balance. So, to send money through UPI without internet you must have some balance on your phone.

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